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American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year


"$10,000 in Scholarship Money"


The American Legion Life Insurance Committee provides for a National Scholarship to be awarded to the Eagle Scout who is selected “The American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year.”


The American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year will receive an $10,000 scholarship.


Three second-place scholarship awards will be given in the amount of $2,500 each.


The scholarship recipients will be eligible to receive their scholarships immediately upon graduation from a state accredited high school (public, parochial, military, private, or home school) and must utilize the total award within four (4) years of their graduation date, excluding active military duty.


Along with the opportunity to win the National Scholarship, the Department Eagle Scout of the Year receives $1,000 from The American Legion, Department of Michigan.


The scholarship may be used to attend a school selected by the student providing it is state accredited, above the high school level, and within the continental limits of the United States, except in the case where the student may be from a possession of the United States, in which case he can select a school in that possession or in the continental United States.


Disbursement from the scholarship fund will be made jointly to the student and the school at the beginning of each semester or quarter. However, only one request will be honored per semester or quarter.


Deadline date to State Headquarters is March 1, 2018.